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“Beauty is truth, truth, beauty”

John Keats

In the light of their depictions in Renaissance art, the Greek gods and goddesses were all attractive creatures that felt at ease with their bodies, of beautiful and powerful proportions.

Perhaps the reason lies in the Renaissance filter that idealized everything; or in that the inhabitants of Mount Olympus did not have to count calories or worry about nutrients. Ambrosia was reserved for them, a substance that equally served as food, drink, medicine or perfume.

Human beings struggle to feel satisfied with their bodies, always pressured by two opposing forces: the dictatorship of fashion and a lifestyle that favours obesity.

At GAIA PRO AGING we promote a healthy body that allows you to lead an active life; a body that fully represent you. And both to accept your shape and to embark on any diet with lasting results, the first step is to be able to perceive yourself correctly.

That is why we have added nutrition education and coaching to our weight loss. Because it all starts with who you really are. Feel comfortable with your body. And as the Renaissance thinkers believed, your body will show your soul, your own beauty in an unreserved way.



You will find us in Lucus Augusti, Lugo, the oldest Roman city in Galicia, with three World Heritage Sites and endless historical, scenic, cultural and gastronomic attractions. If you visit us, in addition to taking care of you at GAIA PRO AGING, we will arrange a personalized leisure program with irresistible ideas for you; we want to make your stay an unforgettable experience.


Tell us about your dream. We are at your disposal to answer any questions you may have through our Customer Service Department.